AE5 Partners is a professional organization dedicated to the building process in its totality. We satisfy every Customer's requirements from the beginning of the creative process to the completion of the works.

The studio is a creative environment, where each project is seen as an opportunity to explore ideas that are uniquely defined by the brief, cultural and geographical context and the inspire collective of the Customer and the design team.

We carry out its own service predisposing the organization of necessary resources basing on the working plan previously established with the Customer, availing itself of highly qualified staff in various disciplines which characterize the building process.

Milan's office is directed by the partner Stefano Tozzi. Tokyo's office is directed by the partner Hidenari Arai

AE5 Partners は、建設プロセス全体においてサービスを提供するプロフェッショナル組織です。


AE5 Partners は、創造する組織であり、プロジェクトはアイデアを創造するためのチャンスとして捉えます。


AE5 Partnersは、それぞれの計画規模に合わせて、様々な分野で高い能力を持った専門家達とチームを編成しサービスを提供します。