Graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, he started his collaboration with Arata Isozaki for the Icehockey Stadium in Turin for the Winter Olympic Games 2006, as project Architect. He collaborated with Isozaki, involved in many international projects and competitions until 2010 when he founded AE5 Partners. 1st class archtiect in Japan and In Italy.

ミラノ工科大学建築学部修了後、磯崎新アトリエ勤務。同事務所で2006年トリノ冬季オリンピックアイスホッケースタジアムの設計・現場監理に従事。その後、多くの国際的なプロジェクトと設計競技の経験を経て、2010年にAE5 Partnersを創設。イタリア共和国建築士ライセンス、一級建築士(日本) 


Stefano Tozzi / ステファノ トッツィ

Graduated in Architecture at Florence's University, he started working with Natalini Architetti(1994-2001) on various projects in historical centers in Italy and in other country of Europe. In 2001 he left Natalini Architetti studio and founded M+T & Partners starting to collaborate with Arata Isozaki & Associates realizing and directing projects in Italy, as the Icehockey Stadium in Turin and Maranello's Library. Moreover he took part of in many competitions, such as the new exit of "Uffizi Gallery" in Florence, Egyptian Museum in Turin and the new High Speed Railway Station in Bologna. In 2010 he founded AE5 Partners. 1st class architect in Italy.

フィレンツェ大学建築学部修了後、Natalini Architetti事務所に勤務し、イタリアやヨーロッパ各地で様々なプロジェクトに従事。2001年にNatalini Architetti事務所を離れM+T & Partnersを創設し、磯崎新アトリエとイタリアにおいてトリノアイスホッケースタジアムやマラネッロ図書館をコラボレーションする。その他、フィレンツェのウフィッツィ美術館新出口、トリノエジプトミュージアム、ボローニャ新高速鉄道駅など多くの設計競技に参加。2010年、AE5 Partnersを創設。 イタリア共和国建築士ライセンス 


Taku Minagawa / 皆川 拓

Graduated at Department of Architecture, Chiba University in 2007. Graduated as a Master Degree in Graduate School of Engineering at Chiba University in 2010. After the job experience in RCR Arquitectes(Spain), he joined to AE5 Partners. From the establishment of AE5 Partners in Tokyo office, he participated in many creative projects. 1st class architect in Japan.

千葉大学工学部デザイン工学科建築系卒業(2007)、千葉大学大学院工学研究科修了(2010)  RCR Arquitectes(Spain)で実務経験後、AE5 Partners入社。東京オフィス設立より現在まで、数多くのプロジェクトに関わる。一級建築士